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Stanley 90-947 6-Inch MaxSteel Adjustable Wrench

Best Wrenches – Top Picks And Reviews 2018

​In the right place and at the right time, a high-quality wrench really can be a lifesaver.  Regardless of whether you’re working as a professional mechanic or simply looking to tackle a few jobs around the home, no toolbox is complete without at least one dependable wrench from a quality manufacturer.This is the reason why […]

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TEKTON 4888 Socket Set

Best Socket Sets – Top Picks And Reviews 2018

​Unlike toolkits, most people pick up high-end sockets sets with more specific jobs in mind. Which more often than not revolve around mechanical maintenance and repairs. When looking to tackle these kinds of jobs, flawless quality and performance are of the highest importance. After all, these are the kinds of tools that tend to be […]

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Best Circular Saw – Top Picks And Reviews 2018

Whether you’re a contractor, carpenter, or just a regular Joe with a knack for DIY projects, you will benefit from quality tools, and circular saws are among the most common power tools – with multiple uses, professionals and amateurs all around the world agree that they are a true must-have in any tool collection. With the […]

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Best Hammer Drill – Top Picks And Reviews 2018

A hammer drill, also called by the names “rotary hammer”, “rotary-drill” or “hammering drill”, is a rotating drill that generates percussion action. The percussion or hammering force produces a short and fast thrust that shatters breakable material and makes for faster drilling with little effort. Hammer drills are usually electrical tools, and more each day come […]

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Best Impact Driver – Top Picks And Reviews 2018

An impact driver is a manual tool that delivers strong rotational, downward force, and its most commonly used often used to loosen large bolts and nuts that are stuck or over-torqued. The direction of the force can be reversed to tighten screws when more torque is required than you could possibly achieve with a screwdriver. Impact […]

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